Appeasement Twitter Timeline Project

Thanks to a great Professional Development session in Dublin City Schools (OH) in 2020, I was inspired to use a twitter format to get students thinking about the timeline of “Appeasement” in the lead-up to World War 2. Students were given a twitter “tweet” template in google slides and then had to put in order and tweet about 10 events within the process of appeasement. They had to take on the point of view of a world leader as well as an opposing viewpoint. Students were encouraged to develop their own #hashtags and to @ other world leaders. One option to get up to 100% on the rubric was to come up with a way to DM (direct message) other world leaders and show a “back-and-forth” dialog concerning the events of “Appeasement.” Overall it was a great success and the students enjoyed putting the points of view of world leaders into their own, social media inflected, language.