Teotihuacan Podcasts

Recently I’ve come across two podcasts on which David Carballo (a professor at Boston University) has done some really great public archaeology work.

The first, lengthier one at Seven Ages is really great and covers all kinds of topics. My favorite parts are at 30:30 when Dr. Carballo discusses the evidence for rulers (or lack thereof) at Teotihuacan but also how governance/politics likely changes over the lifespan of the city, 48:30 when he talks about what daily life/domestic life is like for Teotihuacanos, and then at 55:00 when he discusses the construction of the pyramids of the site and how religious beliefs played a hand in that construction and the motivation for it.

A shorter one with the NSF’s Dig This can be found here and the nice thing on this website is that the podcast has been transcribed (and is thus searchable!).