Teotihuacan in Minecraft

In my archaeology courses at the undergrad level I include a unit on Public Archaeology–how archaeologists and archaeological knowledge can engage the public–and the ways of doing this are always growing. This is a great thing! One of the neatest ways is digital resources, virtual worlds or V/R technology, and in this case gaming. The De Young Musuem had a team (re)create the Classic Period Mexican metropolis of Teotihuacan using Minecraft! Pretty awesome!

This would be the Palace of Quetzalpapalotl at the city of Teotihuacan, rendered in Minecraft. (Quetzalpapalotl is the Nahuatl name archaeologists gave to the palace; it means “Feathered Butterfly”)

As with most technologies the challenge is how to use it not just to look or be cool, but also how to educate. But at the very least this should help generate some interest in this and other archaeological sites.

You can check out the online description of how they did it and access Minecraft Teotihuacan here.